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I use a process in my work that gets me to the core of any challenge, and leads to what I call an Essential Truth that – once formulated – informs everything else. So, what’s the Truth about Andrew Crighton and iPrimate? It’s HELP.

I’m at a place in my career where I’m exploring new horizons and breaking boundaries to help others… and help myself. I’ll tell you a lot more about it sometime, but, essentially, the new horizons have to do with VOCATION and the breaking boundaries has to do with LOCATION.

VOCATION means publishing… for a writer. And for this writer that means non-traditional publishing (you’re reading it). And it means content (you’re reading it). Whether my new horizons serve ME or YOU, they’re challenging and rewarding.

LOCATION is about flexibility. Kids have gone; home in the city less relevant. I still have one foot in Toronto, but I’m really living on the shores of Georgian Bay. Some people know I have a 1989 Volkswagen bus/camper in which I can go anywhere, anytime to write. And meet. And collaborate. But, mostly, breaking boundaries has to do with the Internet. I’m determined to get more clients/patrons/working relationships/ partners in other geographies, because we all really share the same geography, these days (you’re reading it).

So, it’s about VOCATION, LOCATION. And it’s about HELP.

May I?

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March 8, 2012


Yes.  It’s that important that it needs to be said 3 times.

I cannot tell you how many people I have worked with who go up on-stage with almost no forethought and ‘wing’ it.  It’s hardly surprising that their presentations are not as good as they could be.  And the answer is simple.  Practice.  Not once.  Not twice.  More like twenty times, if you please.  The most brazen culprits are the senior executives who think they’re pretty good at the public speaking thing, and don’t need to practice… usually because they’re ‘too busy’.  Communication is a huge part of a senior executive’s job.  By the time you reach the very top as President, Chairman or the like, it could be as much as 95% of what you do to keep the wheels of business turning smoothly. Accordingly, it’s your responsibility… to your stakeholders and shareholders… to be as effective and inspiring as possible in the spokesperson role.  And that means rehearsal.  The best actors are usually the ones who… yes, have a special gift… but do not rest on their laurels.  They are thirsty for direction from a director/coach, and have a highly disciplined rehearsal process to get the best from themselves.

Enough said.  We ALL want to be great on-stage.

Just seek out the coaching… and do the work!

Bravo, brava, bravissimo!

A masterful performance!!