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I use a process in my work that gets me to the core of any challenge, and leads to what I call an Essential Truth that – once formulated – informs everything else. So, what’s the Truth about Andrew Crighton and iPrimate? It’s HELP.

I’m at a place in my career where I’m exploring new horizons and breaking boundaries to help others… and help myself. I’ll tell you a lot more about it sometime, but, essentially, the new horizons have to do with VOCATION and the breaking boundaries has to do with LOCATION.

VOCATION means publishing… for a writer. And for this writer that means non-traditional publishing (you’re reading it). And it means content (you’re reading it). Whether my new horizons serve ME or YOU, they’re challenging and rewarding.

LOCATION is about flexibility. Kids have gone; home in the city less relevant. I still have one foot in Toronto, but I’m really living on the shores of Georgian Bay. Some people know I have a 1989 Volkswagen bus/camper in which I can go anywhere, anytime to write. And meet. And collaborate. But, mostly, breaking boundaries has to do with the Internet. I’m determined to get more clients/patrons/working relationships/ partners in other geographies, because we all really share the same geography, these days (you’re reading it).

So, it’s about VOCATION, LOCATION. And it’s about HELP.

May I?

Andrew Crighton, iPrimate
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March 8, 2010


Above-the-Line? Below-the-Line? Whatever. Check out the content in the slide show you’ll see below. The context for the content is this:

In the 1980′s, I was one of two owner/operators of a pretty successful business in the Toronto marketing community called Communiqué.  My partner was Tony Chapman (plus we had two other silent partners.  Shhhh…)  Communiqué was a below-the-line business.  In fact, it started right at the bottom of the marketing tank – as an AV/Events company.  When you’re down there, you’re truly the bottom feeder of the marketplace.  You hoover up the crumbs that fall from the top of the marketplace… projects that the above-the-line agencies don’t want/don’t need.

One of the great things about being at the bottom , however, is that there’s a lot of space available to travel upwards.   And one of the not-so-great things about being at the top is that you’re continually having to protect your posterior position from pretenders coming up from below.  Let’s face it when you occupy the room at the top, there’s not a lot of space available to travel upwards; and a free fall is very possible.

iPrimate offers a perspective of this above-the-line, below-the-line thing.  OK, OK… it’s really not that relevant anymore to the way things are today.  We’re all at-the-line, through-the-line and beyond-the-line, I know.  However, current situations are always informed by past circumstances.  Ain’t that the truth:-?