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I use a process in my work that gets me to the core of any challenge, and leads to what I call an Essential Truth that – once formulated – informs everything else. So, what’s the Truth about Andrew Crighton and iPrimate? It’s HELP.

I’m at a place in my career where I’m exploring new horizons and breaking boundaries to help others… and help myself. I’ll tell you a lot more about it sometime, but, essentially, the new horizons have to do with VOCATION and the breaking boundaries has to do with LOCATION.

VOCATION means publishing… for a writer. And for this writer that means non-traditional publishing (you’re reading it). And it means content (you’re reading it). Whether my new horizons serve ME or YOU, they’re challenging and rewarding.

LOCATION is about flexibility. Kids have gone; home in the city less relevant. I still have one foot in Toronto, but I’m really living on the shores of Georgian Bay. Some people know I have a 1989 Volkswagen bus/camper in which I can go anywhere, anytime to write. And meet. And collaborate. But, mostly, breaking boundaries has to do with the Internet. I’m determined to get more clients/patrons/working relationships/ partners in other geographies, because we all really share the same geography, these days (you’re reading it).

So, it’s about VOCATION, LOCATION. And it’s about HELP.

May I?

Andrew Crighton, iPrimate
127 Kingswood Road
Toronto, Ontario m4e 3n4

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February 1, 2010


A tablet computer with a lot of peripheralsI do a lot of things. However, in the larger perspective, it mostly comes around to content, which can be defined as the meaning or message contained in a creative work – rather than its appearance or styleI’m an evangelist for Content Marketing, these days, and have a lot more to say about it.

My core skill is the ability to take a brief, think it through, and, on serious reflection, come to understand what the core issue is.  My core craft is writing.  I put words to work to articulate the outcome of my thinking, and then to originate ideas that are ’on message’, and ultimately to turn them into relevant content - stylishly.  Words work for me.

For you, too? 

I encourage you to flip through my portfolio.  Older projects are shown in a case study format – Challenge/Situation/Essential Truth/Results.  In the newer ones, I tend to just tell the story of what happened with particular emphasis on the Essential Truth.  Storytelling is content, see.

MICROSOFT HOME MAGAZINE  Long-running web property for Microsoft’s home computing products that contains more than 400 rich, content articles (and Rich Content articles, too:)  A website, a seasonal print magalogue, how-to videos, consumer contests, and an ongoing PR relationship between Microsoft Canada and the consumer technology media. 

IT’S ABOUT TIME!  Branded, not-for-profit event for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  It’s an example of a carefully planned relationship play to a key target audience in the form of an exclusive, content-rich event.

THE CHEMISTRY PROJECT  Joint marketing project between Microsoft and Apple.  It’s a quirky web destination comprised of interviews with entrepreneurs who use Microsoft’s Office for Mac, and tell us how the two strange bedfellows get along together.

ANDREW COLLETT FINE IMAGES  A pure writing project.  The content here is as close as one is allowed to go to poetry in prose form when you’re marketing:).  Powerful images from Algonquin Park are showcased in words.

THE POWER OF PEOPLE  A tiny, perfect book that packs a big punch with engaging content, strong design and arresting photography.  A targeted corporate social responsibility play.

CAN>WIN  A powerful, perennial event that brings together business decision makers to engage in a content-driven forum about competing to win in the global economy.

CLIENTS - PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE   This is the obligatory client list – purported to convey respectability, credibility and longevity.  READ MORE »